A Big Lovely Life

The distance is killing me!!!!!!!!

So good!!!

Just had the greatest night!! Laughed so hard it hurt!! Got to together with a couple of my favorite people I never see. Still hurts!

Did it!!! Woohoo!!!!

Did it!!! Woohoo!!!!

It’s here!!!

Today is the day I’ve been training for the last 5 weeks! So excited! Hoping to beat my own personal time. This particular 5k is flat and I’ve been running hills. Wish me luck!!!

Headed to a get together with a bunch of girls. I never hang out with just girls. This should be fun!

They say…

That love conquers all. But does it? I don’t for one minute that he loves me. Enough to last a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean that we are happy. I love him too, and I know love is suppose to be what it’s all about. But what about happiness. Doesn’t happiness mean something too?

This is about to happen….

This is about to happen….


I’m so excited for Sunday! Is it Sunday yet?

Turning around.

When you get halfway home and can’t remember if you locked the door at work before you left.

This morning

I went for a fairly long run (for me) and I knocked 3 minutes off my time!! Which was good practice for next weeks 5k let’s hope I can do it again!

After I took a shower and was getting dressed when I realized I could move down to the next smallest hole on my belt.

Double win!

Taking my sister to see a musical today for her birthday next week.

It’s gonna be such a fun day!!